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🌍 With Helma International, keep the course on your international mobility !

Helma International offers consultancy in Global Mobility questions, inbound/outbound immigration procedures, and relocation all over the world,

Our multi-skilled teams advise and support French and foreign companies in the success of their international development, through a unique know-how and experience in the field of international mobility.

A 360° consulting approach combined with an operational expertise: all international mobility solutions adapted to international projects of companies.

Our four departments work hand-in-hand to offer you a 360° support whether you are a start-up, an SME/ETI or a large company. We provide a dedicated single point of contact and an intuitu personae relationship to manage your needs.

📜The Advisory Department

  • Management of international transfers with compliant and efficient solutions
  • Total or partial outsourcing of a company’s mobility process
  • Risk management: compliance audits, Process and IM Policy reviews, auditing of the International Mobility department
  • Compensation and employer cost optimisation
  • International Mobility training

🌍The Immigration Department

  • Risk management: optimisation, choosing the best-suited status, process and compliance audits
  • Secondment
  • Professional immigration: obtaining the work/residence permits and visas; training visas, status change, immigration procedures for families
  • Advice on immigration law
  • Immigration training

🏠The Relocation Department

  • All aspects of International Mobility: look & See trip; temporary and permanent accommodation search; settling in; schooling; move management; departure services; social security registration; driving licence exchange; tenancy management; expense management; coordinating the intercultural training, spouse support and language training

💻The Digital Department

Smart Expatriation is key player in the world of International Mobility. A unique online solution for expat compensation calculation whilst taking into account the differences in cost of living, housing, income and social taxes. Using the home country base salary, Smart Expatriation determines the equivalent compensation in the host country whilst at the same time guaranteeing the same saving power (balance sheet approach).

The calculator can be programmed to integrate your own international mobility policy specifics and follows a methodology widely used by International HR teams to provide detailed and reliable information.

Why work with us

🤝 Global mobility is our passion and we accompany our clients in a spirit of partnership and trust. In a world where mobility is becoming increasingly complex, our ambition is to make it easier for you to manage your talents abroad. Helma is one of the pioneers in France and provides tailor-made services in all areas of international mobility. Our experienced international mobility consultants build an intuitu personae relationship with expatriates, and are sensitive to the quality of the service provided. They will guide you pragmatically in choosing the service, either à la carte or in a package, that suits you. Finally, our digital management platform allows you to follow the progress of your files in real time.

Our clients appreciate :

✔ Our advisory role

✔ Multicultural and multilingual teams: 13 languages spoken

✔ The commitment of our teams who are dedicated to providing you with the best service (employee experience)

✔ The follow-up of numerous files requiring well-functioning processes and our proactivity

✔ The rigour of our reporting, the monitoring of KPIs and our regular constructive reviews

✔ We have experience of working with people with disabilities and know their specific needs.

✔ Our flexible pricing model: by service level, à la carte or in packages


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