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QIOZ is a free-to-use French language learning platform developed by the Paris Region for its inhabitants. Its pedagogical approach is innovative and fun. Our learning units combine video and games for an immersive and engaging experience designed for short, frequent sessions. Users can also learn French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Mandarin.

Access to this website is free if you already live in Paris region.

If you're not yet in the Paris region, but you are planning to move here soon and want to start learning French from home in preparation, please send a message to:

Why work with us

Created by media and video game specialists in collaboration with teachers and researchers in neuroscience, QIOZ disrupts language learning with pedagogy that is both entertaining and effective. Users encounter authentic language through film and television clips, and have access to a constantly updated catalogue of thousands of activities designed with them in mind.

Users can choose from 26 different interface and translation languages to facilitate comprehension throughout the learning process.

For true beginners, Starter Labs demystify the fundamentals of a language. Presented as an animated series, each episode addresses a specific theme in a minimalist visual style for greater focus on the target language.

The iPhone and Android mobile applications, synchronized with the web platform, make learning anywhere, any time easy and convenient, thus increasing the opportunity to practice more frequently.


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