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CBRE is the world's largest commercial real estate services and investment firm with 105 000 employees in more than 60 countries. The firm is ranked 122nd on the Fortune 500 and has been included in the Fortune 500 every year since 2008. CBRE serves more than 90 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 100.


Using deep insights and global expertise, we create real estate strategies that drive superior business outcomes. We leverage deep insights and global expertise to achieve outcomes that are most important to you. As your trusted advisor, we bring the full depth and breadth of our firm to focus on your unique needs and challenges.

Why work with us

CBRE’s Advisory & Transaction teams provide a market leading range of real estate services designed to support our clients. CBRE’s scale enables unique market insight, experience and solutions across all major asset classes. Our objective is to further develop and grow the relationships we have built with our clients and make the shift from service provider to consultative partner, working throughout the property lifecycle.


Our approach is based on a wide range of services and specialized experts in order to offer optimal solutions and quality of intervention.

Within the framework of a personalized relationship based on exchange and mutual trust, CBRE consultants work throughout France on all segments and products of commercial real estate: offices, business premises, warehouses, shops.

We advise companies in their search for premises. Whether their needs are clearly identified or still to be defined, we accompany users throughout their project, from the first contact, until the implementation of the identified solution. We implement the right real estate strategies for your business, negotiate on your behalf and integrate the group's other businesses into our approach for customized results. We help you make the right decision thanks to a multi-criteria approach: overall cost, employability, centrality, hybridity, CSR, user experience, design, digital, innovation, well-being, transport proximity, etc.).

Our experts provide innovative and tailor-made results: the more the implementation strategy is thought out upstream, the more positive effects it brings.

We help you identify key sites through predictive data analytics to give you a competitive advantage, maximize savings and achieve unparalleled financial performance.

Our tools:

  • HUB ANALYTICS: measure the impact of your move on the travel time of your employees
  • SELECT & GO: visualize 100% of the real estate market offer
  • FAST: simulate in real time the financial impact of a scenario


Today's businesses demand integrated solutions to improve their workplace and performance. These are closely linked to employee expectations and strategic objectives. Our team of experts in workplace strategy, organizational design, change and transformation, design and occupancy management can help. We can identify opportunities to reduce and reallocate underutilized space, improve the employee experience and support change. We also understand that providing efficient workplaces requires alignment with work culture and processes.

Using an end-user and data-driven approach, we define holistic solutions for your workplace that meet your unique organizational needs. We temper our recommendations with the industry's largest portfolio of space and cost references to provide clarity and help you implement with confidence.

Our solutions help you think boldly about your future workplace:

  • Implement a strategy to optimize your workplace - Define the opportunities for your future workplace through user-centered research.
  • Workplace Wellness - Provide a holistic approach to employee health and comfort.
  • Design - Translating your strategy and culture to reflect on your building
  • Technology and the Workplace - Ensuring that technology serves your user experience through our full range of technology consulting, design and project management services.
  • Occupancy Management - Maintain and adapt your new workplace to meet future demands.
  • Change Management - Preparing your staff to lead, embrace and support change.
  • Organizational Design - Drive transformation and improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Workplace Life - Enhance the workplace experience with technology, amenities and concierge services.


As a fast changing and complex issue, we understand the need to embed ESG & Sustainability at each stage of the property lifecycle of our clients' assets, whether investors or occupiers, leveraging the expertise of all our lines of business.

​​​​​​​For most of our lines of business we have developed dedicated products to help our clients meet their strategic goals at each stage of the property lifecycle​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. Our broad property experience creates unrivalled knowledge around the impacts of sustainability on value, markets, asset management and occupier expectations. The results that we achieve are communicated to staff, investors, and the broader community to enhance their reputation. Essentially we help create more responsible businesses.


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