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ABG – Recruitment and career development of PhD holders.

ABG was created in 1980 to:

  • bring together academia and industry
  • facilitate the career development and intersectoral mobility of PhDs ;
  • help companies recruit PhDs.

To do so, ABG develops specific training sessions for PhDs and has a bilingual job board.

ABG is supported by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, the French Scientific Research Center (CNRS), public and private sectors.

Why work with us

The PhD is synonymous with excellence in France and internationally. PhDs, from all disciplines, learn to lead complex projects, acquire technical skills and expertise as well as crossdisciplinary skills during their experience. However, their particularities sometimes result in difficulties in identifying and recruiting these profiles.

This is why ABG, specialized in career development and recruitment of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders, is developing services to encourage this encounter between companies and candidates. We put all the expertise of ABG in the identification, understanding and recruitment of PhDs at the service of your hiring process:

Benefit from ABG’s large network of research laboratories from diverse disciplines to integrate new talents into your teams

Personalized services: Optimize your recruitment efforts by taking advantage of services tailored to fit your specific needs

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Floriane LACOUR

Floriane LACOUR

Corporate Relations, Partnerships and Recruitment

Laurence FRITEAU

Laurence FRITEAU

Manager - Corporate Relations, partnerships and recruitment

Véronique DUPONT

Véronique DUPONT

Responsable web & événementiel

Melike Riollet

Melike Riollet

International Development Manager

Social Media