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For 30 years, Executive Relocations has been managing employees’ domestic and international geographic mobility on behalf of companies.

Benefiting from a large scope of services and expertise, Executive Relocations creates a global or modular service offering, entirely tailored to your needs, whatever the employee’s profile or the destination country may be.

Our innovative approach to mobility allows Executive Relocations to adapt to each and every client and accompany them in a tailord manner with their domestic and international development needs.

Our global mobility management incorporates services centered on our 4 areas of expertise:

  • Global Expense Management: Consulting support on the appropriate strategies to implement for your mobility policy. We may also assist in managing expenses for various aspects and provide information on mobility policy, social and fiscal optimisation, management mobility of costs, and more.
  • Global Relocation Management: We offer pinpointed solutions for every step of the relocation process: assistance with decision-making and departure, settling-in assistance and repatriation home formalities. We guarantee efficiency and total support to the employee and his or her family, to enable a quick and seanless integration into their new environment.
  • Global Immigration Management: Every country has their own legislative system, so procedures to reside and work in any particular country vary. We offer an extensive range of services, adapted to every employee’s needs. We guarantee an efficient and tailored process to find the fastest and most cost effective solution for the employee and the company.
  • Global Move Management: Because moving is a very important step and often time consuming, we offer a Global Move Management Service. We guarantee optimal and thorough logistical and financial management assistance.

Our Global Coverage :

Executive Relocations covers more than 400 destinations worldwide for all of its services, thanks to our subsidiaries and our network of 300 highly qualified partners

Our national coverage :

With our national coverage and our network of expert consultants, we are able to support your HR teams, your employees and their families anywhere in France, Corsica and overseas territories.

Why work with us

Executive Relocations, with our experience and expertise, works in close collaboration with HR and their employees in order to review and co-construct the mobility and benefits policy with the aim of homogenizing and making practices more fluid.

Relying on our services will allow you :

  • Simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and peace of mind through a single service provider and a dedicated organization
  • Expert consulting throughout our service delivery process
  • Turnkey management of your needs
  • Innovative and efficient digital tools, unique in France
  • Cost saving and optimized expense management
  • Complete and company or country specific reports available in real time
  • A level of quality assured and controlled
  • A partner who is able to develop dedicated innovations
  • The availability of a single point of contact, providing clear and personalized answers
  • Compliance through our certifications and data protections policies


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