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A 25-year world tour !

A reference since 1997, Itinéraires Interculturels is your support in the development of intercultural competence.

A company that listens to its clients with face-to-face training in France and around the world, remote learning and e-learning modules.

An expertise that covers more than 170 countries, in a dozen languages to ensure that the mechanisms of intercultural encounters, cooperation in multicultural teams and acculturation processes will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Why work with us

  • We provide our expertise for the internationalisation of companies.
  • 40 of the 100 largest French companies, SMEs and large international groups trust us for the development of intercultural competence.
  • Our average rate of satisfaction after each training is more than 95%.
  • Our clients reccommend the quality of our services.
  • Our clients enjoy the tailor made services of our team.
  • We are known to be innovant.
  • All members of our team have indeep international background.
  • Our reactivity is one of our strength.
  • Our quality is labelled by the Cercle Magellan.
  • We are certified by Qualiopi.
  • Our office is situated in a lively area in the heart of Paris.



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Nathalie LORRAIN

Nathalie LORRAIN


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