Basic Info

MyParisTouch's main mission is to help expatriates settle down in Paris.

We offer the best and personalized services for a stressfree and easy move in the Parisian life with the insurance to save time and energy.

MyParisTouch's services cover all aspects to ensure a successful relocation and guarantee a personalized offer.

The offer includes :

  • Home finding package
  • All you need to feel at home and school registration
  • Assistance and follow-up of administrative procedures
  • Support in the organization of the daily life and advises for a trhiving social and cultural life thanks in particular to a very good network of quality and trustworthy professionals.
  • Support to the spouse to create a new social and /or professionnal life: search for a new job, a social activity

Why work with us

Being useful, having an impact and satisfying my clients are the values that motivated me to create MyParisTouch.

My clients testify:

"Our French American family relocated to Paris after many years abroad and we couldn't thank Delphine enough for her services. She is professional, kind, patient and has a large network of professionals, making our search for an apartment easy and efficient. "

"My wife and I decided to move to Paris some 3 months ago from Saout Africa. Our decision was made much lighter by us coming into early contact with MyParisTouch.

From the onset Delphine Briere held our hands and guided us throughout the very difficult process. Of particular importance is her ability to find the correct accommodation. Without the assistance of Delphine Briere, we may still have made the transition, but it would have been with extremely difficulty. Our conclusion is the the cost of using MyParisTouch was more than offset by the excellent service and advise in getting us settled in a very good apartment in an area of our choice."

*Delphine is incredibly efficient and a good listener. Without her, life would be so much more complicated!*

*Delphine is like a breath of fresh air. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and truly wants the best for them.*

*I needed urgent help with finding an apartment and she took the lead in a way that I didn’t have to stress or worry anymore.*

One of my deepest wish when I started MyParisTouch was to offer a global and personalized service based on a relationship of trust and my great flexibility in terms of time and space to meet my clients at the most favorable moment for them (in the evening or at the weekend) as well as in the variety of services offered.

Thus, my offer is unique because it provides a real accompaniment on all aspects of expatriates life in Paris.

The why of MyParisTouch is the strong will to highlight and combine my two strong points :

my sense of service

my ability to create links and specially to create connections

Finding the right service provider and the right solution for my clients is one of the fundamentals of MyParisTouch.

My service offer thus includes three components:

-Finding and settling into a home

-Administrative procedures

-Services related to daily life and integration with a program for the family and another for the spouse.


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Delphine BRIERE


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