Basic Info

We are an accounting firm providing a wide range of services to assist companies in setting up and afterwards grow their business in France. These include legal, accounting tax and payroll services. They consist not only in standardized services and but chiefly and also in tailored, ready-to-use ones.

The subsidiaries with which we are accustomed to cooperating have a staff membership ranging from 10 to 80 employees, mainly in IT & biotechnologies, and operate mainly a R&D center. We will happy to work with industrial companies.

Why work with us

We are a one-stop shop providing all support services. This means we have a 360°-degree vision on all legal accounting, finance tax incentives, etc. We are proactive and flexible in organizing relationship with clients, and detecting (tax) opportunities and/or issues. And if we do have not the resources at your firm to process them, we find you the appropriate partner. We are a paperless company; To sum up, our goal is to ease you the task as much as possible when setting up and grow your business in France;

We have been cooperating over 10 years with Choose Paris Region (Formely Paris Region Entreprises) and have worked to date with over 50 foreign clients.


Company focus


Accounting, Payroll & Tax
Legal & Tax Services


Big Data
Construction & Real Estate
Health & Medical Devices
Internet Software & Services


Jean-Claude ARMAND

Jean-Claude ARMAND


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